Zasavska Koča na Prehodavcih

A hospitable hut in one in the most beautiful parts of the Alps

2071 m
June - October
40 + 25

This is one of the more authentic Slovenian mountain lodges, and it is surrounded by incredible views in all directions. It’s located at the halfway point between the Triglav Lakes Lodge and the Dolič Mountain Hut, and it’s also a very convenient resting spot for hikers coming from Trenta. We stop at the Prehodavci hut on our Triglav hut to hut tour.

The mighty Kanjavec mountain lies between the Zasavje Lodge and Dolič. We can drive around this peak across the Hribarica mountain pass on the south or the Kanjavec Northern Ledges (Kanjavčeve police) which is one of the most exposed paths in our mountains. This path is named Pot Mire Marko Debelakove, after a leading Slovenian female mountaineer, and is only appropriate for the most experienced and skilled hikers. But the climb on Kanjavec is quite the opposite, as the peak can be reached by one of the least demanding routes you can find in Slovenian mountains, at least at this altitude. The only thing to remember is to plan your hike in nice weather - you really don’t want to get caught in the fog. The lodge can accommodate 40 people and has 40 seats in its dining room and in front of the lodge.

From Trenta: 4h
From Bohinj: 5h
Interesting tours
Kanjavec: 2h
Veliko Špičje: 2:30h
Triglav: 5h
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