Triglav 3-day Hut to Hut

Join us on a three-day adventure on the most diverse and rewarding climb of Mount Triglav enhanced by scenic trekking around the Triglav Lakes Valley.
Bled, Ljubljana
3 days
Group size
max 4 people/ guide
Jun - Sep
Fitness Level
Technical Level
Slovenia’s highest mountain
Hiking around the breathtaking Triglav Lakes
Authentic mountain hut stays
The most beautiful variation of Triglav hike
A perfect mix of a technical challenge and an enjoyable hike
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Included in guided tours

Transfer from Bled
Via Ferrata kit
Professional guide
Tour design and organization
credit card

Extras in guided tours

extra charge light
Transfer from Ljubljana
extra charge light
Overnight stay at the mountain huts
extra charge light
Food and drinks in the huts
extra charge light
Trekking poles
extra charge light
extra charge light

What to bring to the tour

Comfortable sports clothes
Insulation jacket
Spare socks, underwear and shirt
Toilet paper
ID card
Trekking poles if you are used to them
Extra layer
Rain jacket
Sports shoes with good grip
Water bottle
Sleeping liner (disposable can be bought in the hut)
Backpack 25-30 l
Some cash for food and accommodation
Check out our packing guide for hut to hut tours

Pickup location and time

  • Ljubljana - at approx. 7:30
  • Bled - at approx. 8:00

*Can be changed due to conditions or upon agreement

Day 1: Approach to Planika Hut

After we pick you up we will drive to Bohinj and start our hike. Our ascend into the mountains will start with crossing beautiful Alpine mountain pastures and seeing where the shepherds used to spend their summers, earning their living by herding sheep and cows. Some of this tradition is still preserved, and the proof lies in the sheep and cows that will greet us on our way. 

Once we reach the Vodnik lodge we will stop to rest for a bit. Then we will climb up the mountainside and arrive at our destination, the Planika Lodge just below Triglav, where we will have a hearty Slovenian dish for dinner, and get some sleep.

13km, 1630m+, 410m-

Day 2: Triglav Summit

In the early hours of the day we will have breakfast, and then continue our ascent on Triglav that soon becomes technically challenging. The steel cable that is set up here for protection will help you climb through these parts, along with careful assistance from your guide. The path is steep and exposed and continues on a narrow ridge towards the summit. 

Getting off the mountain is just as demanding. We will walk across the Triglav škrbina to a plateau on the west. We will descend down to the Dolič Mountain Hut and enjoy an authentic cooked meal before continuing to the Triglav Lakes Valley where we will spend the night.

9km, 560m+, 900m-

Day 3: The Seven Lakes Valley

We will start our final day by tackling the steep hillside to Mala Tičarica for the view. If we feel like taking it a bit easier, we will just pass it across the slightly up and down terrain to reach the Ovčarija mountain pasture, and then the Dedno polje mountain pasture. Here we will have the option to pay a visit to a local cheese-maker, who still produces cheese the traditional way up on the pasture

We will slowly hike down to our car, and drive you back to your hotel, with the option of stopping for a swim in Lake Bohinj.

13km, 200m+, 1080m-

This tour gives you the chance to see the best of the breathtaking Julian Alps, and also climb Slovenia’s highest mountain, the epic Mount Triglav. Find out for yourself why this mountain is deemed the symbol of Slovenia and the most popular hike in the country. It is even said that you only become a ‘true Slovenian’ once you’ve conquered its peak.

By extending the standard two-day Triglav climb for just a day, you will get to explore the pristine high mountain lakes of the Triglav Lakes Valley, also known as the Seven Lakes Valley, and its mesmerising surrounding mountains. 

We will also hike across mountain pastures and pass traditional shepherd’s huts that are still used by shepherd’s in some cases. The mountains are therefore populated with herds of sheep and cows, as well as its autochthonous inhabitants - the chamois, ibex, and marmot.

On the first day, we will reach the Planika Lodge below the Triglav summit, ascend Triglav on the second day, and afterwards marvel at the Triglav lakes as we hike to our lodging for the night. On the last day we will stretch our legs with an easier hike and finish our tour in Bohinj.

Triglav is a climb that can be done by almost anyone who is reasonably fit, has basic hiking experiences, and doesn’t have vertigo or a fear of heights. Still, at 2864 metres of altitude, Triglav is not to be underestimated. While most of the hike doesn’t require technical skills, the summit push is very exposed and steep, where most will feel more comfortable with protection. It’s all well worth the view at the top though, and a picture next to the famous Aljaž Tower will definitely become one of your favourites. 

Amazing views and exciting hikes aren't the only things that make this tour a truly genuine hiking experience. We will actually spend a full three days in the mountains, sleeping and eating in mountain huts, enjoying the alpine vibe and meeting other mountain lovers. It doesn’t get more authentic than that! 

NOTE: if part of the group would rather skip the Triglav climb, and stick to less technical terrain, we can adapt the tour so that only those who want to ascend the peak do so, and then regroup with the rest later.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How difficult is the Triglav Hut to Hut Tour?

Most of the tour is relatively easy, except for the Triglav summit climb, which is exposed and technical – This is where you will be protected, but it is still advisable that you have some basic hiking experience, sure feet and no fear of heights. The tour requires around 5-7 hours of hiking per day with medium-heavy backpacks.

What should I wear?

It is important that your clothes are comfortable. It is recommended that you also have some warmer and windproof clothing with you in the case of temperatures dropping or cold wind. You can always leave excess clothes in the van after consulting with our guide.

How much water and food should I take with myself?

You should take at least 1.5 liters of water per person since there is a freshwater spring on the way to the hut, where you can buy bottled water and other drinks. You should also have a few snacks and energy bars that will hold you up each day between the huts.

How does the combination of Julian Alps Hut to Hut and Triglav climb work?

If only a part of the group plans to climb Triglav, the group starts together on Planina Blato and hikes to the Vodnik Lodge on the first day. The part of the group that is going to Triglav then continues to Planika lodge, where another guide meets them. The first guide then returns to the Vodnik lodge to the first part of the group. On the second day, both parts of the group rejoin at the Dolič hut and continue as one group with the first guide.

Is the activity kid friendly?

Our minimum age for tours is 12 years old. Children should be able to hike for 5-7 hours with stops for breaks and have prior hiking experience. If you are planning to go on a tour with young kids, please let us know in advance and we can adjust the tour if necessary.

Who will be our guide?

Our guided tours are led by UIMLA or IMFGA internationally licensed guides who have completed many years of training to make your hut to hut hike both safe and enjoyable. They are passionate individuals who call the Slovenian mountains their second home and are ready to share this adventure with you.

Can I get a private room?

Different huts have different options and sometimes, private rooms for 2 or 4 persons are available. It is not the rule and they require a very early booking. We will try to get you the best possible accommodation from what is available at the time of your booking. 

How much in advance should I book?

We recommend booking as early as possible. Slovenian mountain huts are very popular and get booked up several weeks in advance, especially on weekends. If your booking is late, we will try our best to find a suitable alternative. Sometimes, last-minute spots open up. However, we cannot guarantee a free spot.

Do I need a sleeping bag?

No, all of the huts provide blankets, bedding and pillows, but you can bring your own silk or cotton sleeping liner.

I have food restrictions

All of the huts offer vegetarian options and usually at least one vegan option. Still, kitchens high up are basic, so don’t expect too many choices. Huts generally serve authentic meals like stews, soups, and sausages. If you have strict dietary restrictions, consider bringing your own food as they can’t make a special meal per request. 

How about water?

Most high-altitude huts in Slovenia don’t have a drinking water source, but you can buy bottled water for around 4,5€ per 1,5l. You can also bring a water purifier and filter rainwater or water from the lakes. There are also some freshwater sources on the way so you never have to carry too much.

How do I pay for the huts?

In our guided tours, we take care of the reservations for you, and you pay for the huts together with food on the spot.  In most huts, you can pay with a credit card, but it is advisable to bring some cash just in case if the internet is down – After all, you're in the mountains. If you are a member of the UIAA Alpine Association, bring your card and you will get a discount.

For our self-guided tours, the accommodation with breakfast is included in the price.

How good is the cell reception in the mountains? Is there wifi available?

Cell reception is on and off in most parts of the Julian Alps. The reception is generally better on the peaks and exposed parts and worse in secluded valleys. Some huts offer paid wifi option, but not all.

Are the tours only possible in summer?

Most of the mountain huts only operate from June to September. Some huts are open sooner and longer, but those times change from season to season according to weather and snow conditions. Read about best seasons for hiking in Slovenia.

If conditions are favourable we can make a custom tour even before June or after September.

What if the weather forecast is bad?

Most of the tours can be done even in light rain, as long as you dress accordingly. It is not unusual in the summer that there are afternoon thunderstorms, so early starts are advisable. If the weather looks really bad, we will try to reschedule or propose an alternative tour.

What to bring for an overnight stay in the mountain hut?

Try to pack light, only take what you really need. You need your passport or ID for check-in, and some cash is advisable if the internet is down. Bring your sleeping liner and earplugs for the night, and toothbrush and body wipes for hygiene. You don’t need slippers, they are in the hut already. 

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    Rory Yoder
    August 2021
    We had an outstanding experience with Triglav Tours. Klemen, our guide, was extremely helpful both in our preparations for the trip and during the unforgettable trek to the summit of Mount Triglav. He was very responsive in answering our questions on recommended lodging, arranged our transportation to the trailhead, and was instrumental in us being able to reach the summit as a guide. We plan on using Triglav Tours again the next time we are in Slovenia!
    C Gibson
    July 2021
    The Triglav hut to hut is arguably the best tour you can do in the Julian alps in three days. Starting from the picture perfect Bohinj, reaching the mighty Triglav summit and descending via the breathtaking Triglav lakes valley - a heart full of joy.
    Anja Onderson
    September 2020
    What an amazing experience hiking for three days in the beautiful environment and watching it from above from Mt Triglav summit. The hike is pretty tough though - you need to hike for solid 5 hours per day and there is a lot of altitude gain - but it feels very satisfactory once you have done it and you only wish for more once it is finished. But what made our tour really memorable was our guide Urosh who kept the perfect pace for us and watched our every step as we made our way to the top. He made sure we were safe at every second, showed us the way and even though us new skills and techniques about hiking and climbing. Slovenian mountains are pretty rocky and lots of paths are loose so basic skills make all the difference. Thanks Urosh and the team who made this possible for me!

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