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Guided tours to the Slovenian Alps, exploring Triglav National Park and more through diverse and picturesque hiking trails.

Hello fellow hiker! My name is Klemen, and I’m the manager of Hut to Hut Hiking Slovenia.

I first discovered my love for mountains as a teenager, when I started mountain biking and skiing. I was hooked from the beginning: the feeling of flying downhill on a bike or carving loops down steep slopes while surrounded by magnificent mountain scenery never got boring.

But the mountains were calling me to go higher and on more demanding trails.

Soon, my bike could not accompany me anymore. I started hiking, later on climbing and becoming an alpinist. I explored almost every corner of the Slovenian mountains, standing on the most important peaks in all of our mountain ranges.

One of the most fun aspects of hiking for me is definitely planning. I am always looking for my next destination when in the mountains and then studying maps when I am home. The more I knew about the Slovenian mountains, the more diverse adventures opened up for me.

Without that knowledge and experience, you only see a little of what is possible in the Slovenian Alps. You’re limited to the most popular and usually quite crowded routes and miss all the hidden and sometimes even more mesmerizing areas.

It is truly amazing to realize how much better a hiking tour in Slovenia can be if you know what you’re doing.

Hiking in Pokljuka Plateau
Hiking in Pokljuka Plateau

Most people that I meet visiting Slovenia from abroad have this problem. They have a hunch that there should be more, but they only know about a few places where they could potentially go hiking here. 

That’s why Hut to Hut Hiking Slovenia was born. With it, I wanted to help any visitors in Slovenia find their way in our mountains and experience an adventure usually reserved only for the very experienced locals.

As its name implies, it’s all about hiking in Slovenia — but not just any hikes. It’s about picking your own huts along the way — mountain huts that shelter you from bad weather and a place to eat some food before heading back onto the trail — and then making your own custom tour by linking them up in any order you want!

Slovenia is an excellent hiking destination

When it comes to recommending where to spend your hiking vacations, Slovenia would definitely be my number one pick. I might be a little biased, but hear me out.

I’ve hiked and climbed in mountains abroad, and I constantly return back, finding new challenges or seeing old routes in a new way. Slovenia has three alpine ranges, each one of them with its own unique spirit. You can explore the massive peaks of the Julian Alps, hike on the sharp ridges of the Karawanks, or explore the hidden beauty of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps.

Hiking to Kriški Podis Lodge
Hiking to Kriški Podi Lodge

Slovenia is known for its long hiking tradition. Whatever mountains you set your sights on, you’ll definitely meet some local hikers there. That’s why we also have great hiking infrastructure: With an area of 20,273km², Slovenia has over 10,000km of marked trails of all difficulties — giving it one of the densest networks of hiking trails in Europe.

And conveniently placed on these trails are many mountain huts, which offer every hiker a shelter and a place to sleep. And what I admire the most about them is their authentic vibe, in which you can meet both locals and foreigners and together admire the natural beauty surrounding you while eating a warm home-made meal.

And beautiful it is. White limestone peaks, sharp ridges, pristine high-altitude lakes, crystal-clear streams — all of it can be admired while hiking in the Triglav National Park or anywhere else in the Slovene mountains. Everyone that decides to come here on a hut to hut hike is in for a treat.

Enthusiastic Team of Mountain Professionals

And it’s not just me. We’re a company full of mountain enthusiasts and professional guides whose primary focus is on providing a great experience — it’s not just a job, it’s an opportunity to share our passion with others and make them feel at home in the Slovenian wilderness.

The happy faces of our clients give us constant motivation and inspiration to continue on our mission. Our goal is to make Hut to Hut Hiking Slovenia the leading provider of guided and self-guided multi-day hiking tours in Slovenia. 

And the only way we can do it is by being the best at what we do — organizing exceptional hut to hut tours that will give a lasting impression on every one of our clients.

View over Soča valley
View over Soča valley

I believe everyone should have a chance to experience the adventure that is hut-to-hut hiking in Slovenia. I invite you to join us in exploring this diverse mountainous environment and watching sunrises and sunsets come and go while slowly dozing off to sleep in the cozy mountain huts.

Land of unlimited possibilities

While reading the last few paragraphs it may seem Slovenia is just mountains and valleys, but there is lots more. If you want help discovering the other attractions of the country, see what our trusted partners under Slovenia Discovery have to offer. 

Engage in various outdoor activities, visit landmarks and taste the local cuisine with Slovenia Activities, or combine the leisurely and the active with Slovenia Holidays. If you are seeking more technical mountains, visit Triglav Tours. If you are a cyclist, you will love Slovenia Cycling Holidays and if you prefer walking, check out Walking Holidays Slovenia.

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