Triglavski Dom na Kredarici

The highest mountain lodge in Slovenia is most popular with Triglav visitors.

2515 m
June - September

This is the highest located and most visited mountain lodge in Slovenia. Because of the great altitude, it’s a good starting point for the final part of the Triglav tours. It offers a spectacular view to the north and south, and also looks on the top part of the Triglav climb, so visitors can often observe hikers as they make their final steps towards the peak.

Kredarica is also the highest meteorological station in Slovenia and 2 meteorologists are there at all times, even during the winter. The lodge is officially closed in the wintertime, but even then the weathermen will welcome you with open arms and offer you something to eat. In the winter, Kredarica is a popular destination for tour skiing, while a winter ascent of Triglav summit is only reserved for the most experienced mountaineers and can only be done in the right conditions. The lodge can accommodate almost 350 people and has 300 seats in its dining rooms and in front of the lodge.

From Krma Valley: 5:30h
From Pokljuka: 5:30h
From Vrata Valley: 5:30h
Interesting tours
Triglav: 1:30h
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