Pogačnikov Dom na Kriških Podih

Conveniently located between steep walls above Vrata valley

2050 m
June - September

The Pogačnik’s Lodge on Kriški Podi is an extremely popular cottage in an amazing location as it is surrounded by emerald high mountain lakes.

You can continue to Stenar, Križ, Bovški Gamsovec from this lodge. You can also pick the demanding route across Razor and Prisojnik that leads to Vršič. The mountain pass Luknja lies between this path and Triglav, and a technically demanding protected climbing path called Bambergova pot crosses it. So there are definitely some satisfying challenges that advanced mountaineers can bite into if they begin their hike at Pogačnik’s Lodge. Pogačnikov dom is often our choice on our custom hut-to-hut tours.

The lodge can accommodate 60 people and has 45 seats in its dining room and in front of the lodge.

From Vrata Valley: 4h
From Zadnjica Valley: 4h
From Vršič Pass: 7h
Interesting tours
Planja: 1:30h
Razor: 2:30h
Križ: 1:30h
Stenar: 2h
Bovški Gamsovec: 12h
Škrlatica: 5h
Triglav: 7h
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