Bregarjevo Zavetišče na Planini Viševnik

A cute and authentic shepherds' hut

1620 m
June - September

This is a small but incredibly authentic Alpine post located on the high mountain pasture Viševnik. This is one of the most beautiful mountain pastures in Slovenia, and the shepherds’ cottages that are scattered across it offer a genuine look into the everyday lives of shepherds that have been spending their summers here since as early as the 18th century.

The hut itself is a repurposed building that used to be a cheese dairy. It is named after the mountaineer Drago Bregar, who was the first Slovenian to die in the Himalayan mountains. This quaint cottage has 15 beds and a very friendly keeper who will be glad to offer you something to drink if you stop by.

Zavetišče Draga Bregarja stands a bit off the beaten path, and we sometimes make a detour to say hello to the caretaker on our Seven lakes 1-day hike.

From Blato Pasture: 1:30h
From Bohinj (Savica): 3h
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Pršivec: 1h
Black Lake: 0:40h
Double Lake: 2:30h
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