Dom na Komni

A popular hut with one of the best views on the Bohinj lake

1520 m
Whole year

The Komna Hut stands on the scenic eastern edge of the Komna plateau, which rises steeply on the western side of the Bohinj Valley. What makes it so attractive is its location at the crossroads of many routes around the Julian Alps. In winter, it is also a popular hub for ski-touring, as it's open all year round and the plateau surrounding it is the perfect environment for that sport. The view at the hut is not only of the Bohinj lake, but also the Lower Bohinj mountains, the wavy plateau of Komna and the peaks surrounding the Triglav Lakes Valley, including Triglav itself.

Although the hut is already the final destination for many hikers coming from Bohinj, you can also go further to the Krn lake, the Hut at the Triglav lakes, or to Hut under Bogatin, which is just 15 minutes ahead on the plateau.

From Savica Waterfall: 2:30h
Interesting tours
Black lake: 1:15h
Krn Lake: 2:35h
Krn: 5:15h
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