Koča na Doliču

A less visited and smaller alternative for Triglav climbers

2151 m
July - September

Apart from Planika and Kredarica lodges, you can also choose the Dolič Mountain Hut as your resting spot when climbing Triglav. It stands on Triglav’s west side, so it comes in handy if you begin your climb west of Triglav, at the Valley of the Triglav Lakes or Trenta. Like Planika, this is also a small and very authentic mountain hut.

In the winter of 2009, this lodge was severely damaged by an avalanche, but the members of the local mountain society had restored it shortly thereafter. The lodge can accommodate 70 people and has 80 seats in its dining rooms and in front of the lodge.

From Trenta: 4h
From Bohinj: 7h
Interesting tours
Kanjavec: 2h
Triglav: 2:30h
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