Dom Klementa Juga v Lepeni

Cosy lodge located at the end of the charming glacial valley of Lepena.

700 m
June - August

Located at the end of the glacial valley of Lepena, Klemen Jug’s Lodge in Lepena is an important starting point on the Krn mountain group of the Julian Alps, and the best one to hike to the biggest Slovenian mountain lake, the Krn lake.

It is named after Klement Jug (1898-1924), a Slovenian alpinist, philosopher and author of many important mountain-themed works of literature. It was restructured from a former Italian military outpost in 1953 and has been renovated and improved a lot of times since. It’s able to accommodate 40 people in its rooms and 40 people in the dining room.

While most people that start here go to the lake, some people continue to the peak from which the lake gets its name, Krn (2244 m). You can also go hiking across the Komna plateau to the Komna Hut and descend to Lake Bohinj, the largest permanent lake in the country.

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