Dom Planika

A smaller, more authentic alternative to the busy Kredarica Lodge

2401 m
July - September

Planika is a smaller, more authentic alternative to the lodge at Kredarica, which is situated a bit higher on Triglav’s mountainside. Planika's name comes from the Slovene name for Edelweiss, the flower that is a symbol of mountaineering and the beauty of the Alps. The lodge is located a bit lower on Triglav’s mountainside than Kredarica but it’s only an hour’s hike to get from one lodge to the other.

Planika has the advantage of offering two possible routes for the final push to Triglav’s peak, which can be very convenient if you wish to pick a path that is less crowded with hikers - Triglav is a very popular mountain after all. Apart from good food, you can also find comfortable rooms at the Planika, you just have to reserve them early enough. The hut is situated on Triglav’s south face and you can easily reach Kredarica or Dolič from here. The lodge can accommodate around 120 people and has 80 seats in its dining rooms and in front of the lodge.

From Krma Valley: 5h
From Pokljuka: 5h
From Blato Pasture: 5:30h
From Trenta: 7h
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Triglav: 1:30h
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