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All You Need for Hut-to-Hut Hiking in the Alps

Join our webinar and get insider knowledge on how to enjoy the beauty of hut-to-hut hiking in Slovenia, even if you're a beginner.
30 min
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Uncover the best-kept secrets of Slovenia's hiking trails
Learn how to plan your hut-to-hut hiking adventure like a pro
Discover how to avoid common mistakes made by tourists in the mountains
Find out about the best hut-to-hut hiking tours in Slovenia
Get a sneak peek into the unique experience of staying in mountain huts
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And get to know these 3 local secrets

Secret #1

When and where to hike to avoid the anticlimactic tourist crowds

Secret #2

What are the common mistakes that can get you in serious trouble

Secret #3

How to explore the Slovenian mountains with a relatively small backpack

Avoid Mistakes: Master Hiking in the Slovenian Alps

Did you know? Over 600 mountain rescues happen yearly in Slovenia.

Most involve tourists.

In peak season, rescues can exceed 10 in a single weekend. Shocking, isn’t it?

These unfortunate incidents? Mostly avoidable mistakes.

So, how can YOU hike safely? How can you enjoy your adventure to the fullest? How can you sidestep the pitfalls that ensnare others?

Unlock the Secrets of Hut-to-Hut Hiking with Klemen

Enter Klemen. His webinar doesn’t just inform. It equips you to master Slovenia’s hut-to-hut hiking.

Picture this: You’re exploring the panoramic peaks, marveling at the serene lake valleys, and resting in authentic mountain lodges.

In this webinar, you’ll get to understand Slovenia’s diverse and breathtaking terrain. From the majestic Julian Alps to the tranquil trails of the Karawanks and Kamnik-Savinja Alps.

Wondering where these are? Check out this map:

slovenia and its mountain ranges
A country wedged between Italy, Austria, Hungary, and Croatia; where the Alps, the Adriatic Sea, and the Pannonian Plain meet.

Your Roadmap to Successful Hut-to-Hut Hiking

We won’t just bombard you with facts. We’ll provide a roadmap for successful hut-to-hut hiking in Slovenia.

You’ll learn how to plan. You’ll know what to expect. Most importantly, you’ll understand how to stay safe.

Thinking, “Can I do this? I’m new to hiking.

Or, “I’ve hiked, but not in Slovenia.

Good news! This webinar suits all. From seasoned hikers to eager beginners.

You’ll understand the Slovenian mountains. You’ll discover the best hikes for your experience level.

In the end, your adventure won’t be a disaster, but an epic journey.

Remember, knowledge transforms an average hike into an unforgettable experience. And we’re offering you that knowledge.

Attend the webinar and get an exclusive gift at the end!

Planika lodge in the morning from above

Awaken to a new dawn at quaint mountain huts

Pogačnik hut on Kriški Podi

Ascend to heights unknown, one ridge at a time

planina krstenica

Uncover the humble charm of shepherd huts


Discover the best of each season in the Slovene mountains

way to belska planina

Way to Belska planina

epic julian alps

... to the epic Julian Alps

Aljaž Tower on top of Mount Triglav

Aljaž Tower on top of Mount Triglav

Meet Your Webinar Host

hey klemen
About Hut to Hut Hiking in Slovenia
Klemen Gerbec,
Local Hiking Guide
5-Star Rated Guide
400+ tours organized in Slovenia and abroad
15+ years of mountain experience

Klemen, an avid hiker, guide, a seasoned alpinist, and the manager of Hut to Hut Hiking Slovenia, has dedicated years to exploring the diverse, captivating landscapes of Slovenia’s mountains.

His journey began in his teenage years, a spark of passion that transformed into a lifelong love affair with the mountains. Since then, he has explored every corner of the Slovenian mountains, conquering the most significant peaks across the country’s mountain ranges.

Join him as he peels back the curtain on hut-to-hut hiking in Slovenia, empowering you to navigate Slovenia’s trails like a seasoned pro.

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